You don't need a rear bag as good as Edgewood's to shoot to the best of your potential - but, if you want the best rear bag on the planet, it has to be an Edgewood! Edgewood produce a variety of styles and heights that cater for all shooting options. They are made of very high quality leather and nylon, and are superbly fabricated by seriously-skilled craftspeople. You may never have seen stitching like this before. Besides front and rear bags, Edgewood produce a variety of leather goods to enhance your precision shooting experience.

Edgewood - The Original Bag.

The Original bag is the most common Edgewood bag used by benchrest shooters. Filled with heavy sand, it weighs between 10 and 14 lbs. depending on body height and has a footprint of about 6 ½'' x 8 ½''. We build it with reinforced leather sides and heavy nylon top and ears along with a multi-layered ‘donut’ base which allows the bag to sit firmly on the bench and minimizes any rocking back and forth. Edgewood Grab Handle versions are available.

Edgewood Minigater Bag

The Minigater features a larger base than the Original – approximately 6.5" x 10". When filled with heavy sand, it weighs in somewhere between 13 and 16lbs. A much longer earbase is stitched to the top of the Mini for smoother tracking, especially when shooting free recoil. The same reinforced sides and donut base are used in this bag as in the Original. Edgewood Grab Handle versions are available.

Edgewood Gaterbag

This is a long, heavy bag - about twice the length of the Original (6.5" x 13.5") – The ultimate in stability. Filled weight can easily top 25 lbs. depending on body height. It features a padded top for resting the trigger hand and includes the same choices of ear combination as the Original. The gater has a multi-layered all flat base. Edgewood Grab Handle versions are available.

Edgewood Softy

The Edgewood Softy is our quality bag for “bag squeezers”. The Softy is made from heavy Elk Hide for an extra soft, squeezable Rear Bag. The base is extra thick, but still soft (not a hard donut like the Original or Gator bags). The fill tubes are located out-of-the-way in the base and have tabs for easy tuck-in. The ear base is finished with Elk Hide trim. This bag is approximately 3-1/2” tall with medium height ears and a 3/16” ear spread – the taller, soft ears will accommodate just about any stock style. If you prefer to squeeze your Rear Bag for minor sight adjustments instead of turning knobs on your front rest, the Edgewood Softy is the perfect Rear Bag for the job.

Edgewood Frontbags

Edgewood Frontbags are constructed much like the rearbags – reinforced leather sides with nylon tops that have a light layer of reinforcing under the nylon between the ears to keep the sand from shifting. If you want heavier reinforcing, we can add another layer, but this is a special order item. Please specify when ordering if you want this extra-heavy reinforcing. The inside corners of the bag feature sewn-in nylon inserts to prevent leather from rolling under the stock. The bag’s overall fit is unmatched by any other.

Edgewood Elbow Pads

These little beauties not only keep your elbow from getting all scuffed up, they also help with consistent positioning. And they look so good ...
Edgewood Grab Handle versions are available.

Edgewood Hand Rest

The Edgewood Hand Rest (also called a brick bag) is excellent for resting your hand or wrist on if you shoot Benchrest, free recoil style. It also makes a great elbow bag. One end is sloped slightly, so this bag would work well as a rear bag for a hunting or varmint rifle in the field. The Hand Rest is manufactured from high quality, grained-leather with a stiff, double layer bottom so it sits flat. It has the new bottom-location fill-tube with a convenient tuck-flap. The bag is 7-1/2" long, 5" wide and 2-3/4" tall when filled full. You can vary the height and softness of the bag by using less sand.

Edgewood Shooting Bench Mats

Our Benchmats feature a soft built-in handrest with a sand-filled benchsnake sewn around the outside edge. Available in right- or left-handed and for Sinclair style or Farley rests. Please specify style and right- or left-hand when ordering.

Edgewood Loading Bench Mats

Who doesn't want a nice loading mat?

Edgewood Dead Bottom

The Dead Bottom provides a "dead" stable rear bag base while raising the bag about 3/4" — 7/8". Available in 3 sizes; 7" x 8" - 7" x 10.5" - 7" x 13"

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