Hawkeye Precision Borescopes

HAWKEYE Professional Borescopes seem like an expensive indulgence, but are far cheaper than anything of comparable quality. Their application spans all industries, and they are essential to all firearms professionals, including forensic technicians. Once used, the ‘accuracy nut’ would not be without one; and the professional cannot afford to be – ask any user!

Fox Firearms UK is proud to supply a hand picked range of high quality bore scopes, manufactured by America's number one in borescopes.

Shooters and gunsmiths alike use the 17 inch Hawkeye Slim Borescope Kit to ensure that bores are clean and not eroded, ensuring that firearms are safe and will perform at an optimum level.

Regular use of a borescope will ensure that rifle cleaning is thorough and will help to highlight problem areas.

All Hawkeye Slim borescopes have a 0° direction-of-view and 42° field-of-view. A rotating 90° direction-of-view is achieved by sliding a Slim Mirror Tube onto the scope.

Hawkeye Slim Kit

A Slim Kit contains a 0° direction-of-view scope with a 90° Mirror Tube and a Mini-Maglite source all in a lockable hard carrying case. The SuperNova Kit shown above adds the 10X brighter SuperNOVA Light. Lengths: 17"  –   FOV 42°.  Diameter: 0.165" (4.20 mm).

If you have any questions about choosing a borescope then please send me an e-mail or call and I will do my best to resolve any questions.

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