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CUSTOM RELOADING TOOLS make an assortment of ‘luxury’ items, currently including aluminium loading blocks and range trays, powder funnels, annealing accessories, a VLD chamfer tool, and a superb barrel vice. You could manage with cheaper versions, but if you want the best – this is it!

VLD Case Mouth Chamfer Tool

Our Case Mouth Chamfer Tool is a VLD type 28 degree chamfer designed to work on 10 caliber all the way up to 45 caliber. The VLD type case mouth chamfer tool is excellent for all bullet types on the market today. It works equally well with VLD, Boat Tail, and Flat Base style bullets. The 28 Degree VLD chamfer makes it much simpler to seat the bullets and also helps to eliminate damage to the bullet jacket during the seating process. Our VLD style chamfer is an aggressive tool and simply requires one or two turns with very little pressure to complete the case mouth chamfer process. When using the VLD Chamfer by hand with larger caliber cartridges you may notice that the cutter feels a little bit more aggressive and sometimes tends to grab the brass, when this happens simply spin the tool counter clockwise and it will chamfer the case mouths perfectly smooth with no effort at all. The VLD chamfer cutter is made of High Speed Tool Steel and should last a lifetime when used properly. The Holder/Driver is machined from 303 Stainless Steel, has an oversized knurled body for ease of use by hand, and also has a built in 1/4" hex driver so that it can be used with a powerdrill or powerscrewdriver if so desired. Due to customer request the VLD chamfer tool is threaded appropriately so that it can be used with the RCBS Trim mate Case prep station. All this adds up to one of the most versatile, high quality, and in demand case mouth chamfer tools on the market today.

Flash Hole Debur Tool 17 & 20 Caliber

As many precision shooters/handloaders will tell you, in order to get the most accuracy from your ammunition you must properly prep your brass. Deburing the flash hole is a very important part of that process. To aid you in the brass prep process we have designed our Flash Hole Debur tool to be very comfortable to hold in your hand by adding an oversized knurled handle. The oversized knurled handle is extremely comfortable, in addition it gives you more leverage and better feel to make short work of the flash hole debur process. The all stainless steel construction includes a hex driver shaft integrated into the tool for the reloader that prefers using a power option such as a drill or power screwdriver while deburing the flash hole. Our tool indexes off the case floor and uses the shaft of the tool as a positive stop to eliminate the risk of removing too much brass. The new tool comes in your choice of 17 or 20 caliber. The shafts are precision CNC lathe turned smooth for the 17 & 20 Calibers. This provides a very near perfect fit to the case mouth. By matching the shaft size to the caliber it aids in proper alignment of the cutter with the flash hole. The Stainless Steel Holder/Driver for the Flash Hole Debur Tool is the same as the holder for our VLD Chamfer Tool. We designed our tools this way so that you could purchase one holder/driver and multiple accessories. We feel that providing one holder/driver tool and multiple accessories was a more efficient and ultimately more cost effective option for our customers.

Annealing Tool Kit

This high quality and Affordable Stainless Steel Annealing tool kit will allow you to Anneal all your brass cases to perfection with only TWO Tools. These quality Stainless Steel tools hold your brass via the primer pockets. Chuck up the hex end in your power screwdriver, or power drill and set the speed to your preferred level for perfect annealing. The kit includes both tools to accommodate large and small primers.

Billet Aluminum Reloading Tray

These high quality reloading trays are made from solid billets of aluminum. We radiused the edges to provide a smooth contact surface and a nice look. Each hole is held to a very close tolerance so that your brass won't rattle around or move. These trays come in a machined finish, they can be polished to a mirror like finish very easily. We are currently producing tray's that fit the 17 Fireball, 221 Fireball, 20 VT, 17 Remington, 20 Tactical,17 Tactical, 20 Practical, .204 Ruger, .222 Remington, .223 Remington, 22 Hornet and all its variants, as well as a PPC Tray. Our newest edition to the reloading trays are a: WSM/WSSM Tray and a #10 Tray for 300 WinMag, 375 H&H, 270 Weatherby Magnum, 300 Weatherby Magnum, 375 Ruger, and 338 Winchester Magnum. We have also recently added a #15 Tray for the 338 Lapua & 338 Norma Magnum as well as a tray for the 408 Cheytac.

Billet Aluminum 25 Hole Range Tray

Due to Customer Request we have added a new style of Range Tray and an Optional Tray Liner to our product lineup. This new range tray is based on our full size Billet Aluminum Tray. The New Range tray features 25 holes(unless otherwise noted) on one half of the tray for holding your ammunition and a generously sized pocket milled out of the other half of the tray to hold your fired brass or any other items you want to keep close. These trays also have our famous radiused edges for a smooth finish all around. You won't find a sharp edge anywhere on these trays, they are CNC machined and hand polished for a beautiful fit and finish. Our Range Trays are polished to a Satin finish, however you can easily polish them to a mirror like finish if you prefer. Each hole is CNC milled to supertight tolerances that are considered by many to be Mil Spec or better. Currently we are offering our 25 Hole Range Tray in the #5, #2, PPC, & WSM/WSSM sizes as detailed below. We also recently added the #15 Range tray (the #15 Tray has 16 holes due to their diameter) which holds the 338 Norma Magnum as well as the .338 Lapua.

Billet Aluminum Powder Funnels .22 up to .338.

Due to customer request and some recent material price increases we have made some changes to the powder funnel kits. We will continue to offer the Complete Powder Funnel Kit (our Best Value) which includes: Powder funnel with 17, 20, 22 Caliber ends, and a 2" Drop Tube Extension. The Standard Powder Funnel Kit will now include: one machined aluminum powder funnel, and one changeable caliber specific end. You can choose between 17, 20, or 22 Caliber powder funnel ends. You can also purchase additional caliber specific ends separately. The inside of the powder funnel is machined smooth so the powder will slide easily into the case without restriction. You will be Amazed at how much quicker the powder will drop into your case versus any other funnel on the market. We are so confident in this funnel that we offer a 30 Day Buyback option if you aren't completely satisfied with the product, email or call us for the details. One of the many great features of this kit is the ability to have one funnel and simply change the caliber specific ends when needed. The caliber specific ends are threaded and knurled for ease of removal. The top portion of the funnel measures approximately 2" in diameter and was designed this way so the funnel is balanced and not top heavy for the small caliber cartridges. In addition this precision machined funnel fits over the case neck and sits on top of the brass to prevent powder loss or spill. The Powder Funnel and caliber specific ends are machined from solid aluminum bar stock and built to last a lifetime. We just added 2 new caliber specific ends to our powder funnel lineup: 17 Ackley Hornet, & 22 Hornet.

Billet Aluminum 20 Hole Range Tray

These high quality range trays are made from solid billets of aluminum. The range trays have a smooth radius around all the edges, 20 holes for cartridges, and a generous pocket to hold all your fired cases while at the range or out in the prairie dog fields. The #2 Range tray accomodates the 17 Fireball, 221 Fireball,20 VT, 17 Remington, .204 Ruger, 20 Tactical, 17 Tactical, .222 Remington, .223 Remington.

Custom Reloading Tools Specialize in Designing, Manufacturing, & Marketing High Quality American Made Small Caliber , Specialty Reloading Tools, & Accessories for the Reloading/Shooting Enthusiast that demand's the best.

Billet Aluminum Barrel Vise

Our new barrel vise is far and away the cadillac of barrel vises currently available on the market today. We machine our vise from a solid block of 6061 Billet Aluminum. We top it off with high tensile strength black oxided hardware to provide you with a vise that will offer a lifetime of service. Rugged enough for daily use while still being attractive enough to earn a spot on your workbench next to your best rifles and equipment. Our vise has versatile V-Notch jaws that will accommodate the majority of popular barrel sizes on the market today without having to buy any adapters. We have also integrated a self leveling washer and nut combo that gurantees even consistant pressure to ensure you have maximum grip capabilities. The vise is designed with a wide base and two 1/2" diameter holes to permenatly anchor it to your workbench if you choose. By adding the wide base we have also added the ability for the vise to be temporarily mounted to a work surface with C-Clamps for those that don't have the dedicated space for a permenant mount.

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